Lips 101

Lip products are my favorite. Lip stick, lip liner, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, you name it, it is in my lip drawer. Until I have my lipstick or gloss on, my face never looks ready. I can’t stress enough how important it is to exfoliate your lips before putting anything on them so that they are smooth and any product you put on doesn’t dry them out. My favorite scrub and balm duo are by sara happ. They come in a wide variety of scents to please everyone. Apply the scrub all over and then with a moist towel or napkin, wipe off. Apply lip balm immediately after and wait for it to soak in. Apply your lipstick or gloss then.

For Liquid Lips

Try Kat Von D in:

Lolita – Chestnut Rose

L.U.V. – Rich Violet

Bauhau5 – Deep Raspbery

Try Jeffrey Star in:



Try Anastasia Beverley Hills in:

Their entire spring collection is drool worthy. Any color is simply gorgeous.

For Lip Glosses

Try Marc Jacobs in :

Love Buzz – Rose Gold Shimmer

Sugar Sugar- Champagne Gold Shimmer

Pretty Thing – Muted Rose

Taboo – Sheer Mauve Shimmer

Try Buxoum in:

Full-On Lip Cream

Mai Tai – Vivid Coral

Creamsicle – Peach Sorbet

Mudslide – Petal Pink

White Russian – Nude Pink

Dolly – Sultry Mauve

Pink Orchid Beauty has some great beauty products. For the lips I recommend the following:

Matte liquid lipstick in:



Lipsticks in:




Lip Glosses in:





For Lipsticks:

Lipsticks, I am always reaching for my MAC lipsticks and the occasional Pink Orchid Beauty lipstick but there hasn’t been any other brand that I use so religiously and often. MAC lipsticks are my  absolute favorites and they have such a wide variety of colors. As long as I have a MAC lipstick and some mascara, I am good to go.

Try MAC Lipsticks In:


VIVA Glam 2


Ruby Woo

Spice it up!

MAC is also the only brand of lip liners I use. The colors listed below are so versatile and can be pair with any of the glosses, liquid lips, or lipsticks I have mentioned. Sometimes all I wear is lipliner and maybe a sheer gloss over it if I want that shiny look and feel.

Try MAC Lipliners In:


Boldly Bare

Morning Coffee

Have fun with your lip color and wear whatever color your mood is for that day. They are so many great lip products and colors, these are only  few.

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