Married Life

Chicago to San Francisco

I often get asked about moving from Chicago to San Francisco. How has the transition been? How could I move so far? Away from a familiar life and people. Honestly it it weren’t for my husband, this move and transition wouldn’t have been easy. His love, care, and dedication have made everything so comforting and easy. I do miss certain places in Chicago that I frequented, my friends, and family but I don’t have a crazy urge to board the next flight home. I was much in need a change, a fresh start so moving to San Francisco only made sense and was in fact the right thing to do. Long distance relationships are hard but if you both want it and are willing to put in the work, they will last. Just know, eventually one person will have to move. I knew that going into our relationship and was prepared for it so I guess that also made it a little easier. The final days before our marriage before I left for San Francisco and India had my heart aching and hurting pretty badly. I personally am terrible at good byes and just hate them. Life is so unpredictable, you never know when you will see someone again. Life is all about taking chances though, so whenever you are posed with a situation or confused about anything or anyone, take a chance, take a risk. Who knows, it may be all worth it in the end and everything you have prayed for.

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