Foreo Luna 2 – Combination Skin – Review Thus Far

I recently received the Foreo Luna 2 for combination skin and was reluctant to try it out. Reluctant because I already have a Clarisonic Brush. After letting it sit in the box I finally put it to charge and used it because there a couple things I do not like about the Clarisonic. I always think the brush is dirty, you have to change the brush every couple months (which equal to added extra costs), I can’t and don’t feel like I am really getting fully into my skin allowing me to deep clean my skin, and the charge honestly stinks (it’s always dead…again!? I just charged you!). The Foreo has all the things I don’t like about my Clarisonic brush but turned positive. Basically they solved all negatives.

While pricey (the Luna 2 comes in at $199) there is not added cost for brush replacements every couple months. So once you purchase the brush that is it.

The charge is amazing. You get up to 450 uses per charge and the charging ports are waterproof so they are safe to use even in the bath or shower! A USB cable comes included and they charge up in no time.

Luna 2 also has a bigger cleaning surface which I love and for me it basically fits in my hand allowing me to really get in and deep clean my skin. I am able to easily navigate around my nose and clean nicely (an area that I don’t think gets fully cleaned properly and an area that I stress about cleaning). I also have a nose ring so maneuvering around that is tough but with the Luna 2 I did not have a problem. The opposite side of the Luna 2 has an anti-aging side that reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles when applied to wrinkle-prone areas.

Warranty is great on the device as well. A two-year limited warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee. The device comes with authenticity cards that you can register on the FOREO website.

My verdict is this: If you have the Clarisonic, keep using it until it dies or you can no longer use it or stand it and then buy the Luna 2. If you are a newbie to beauty gadgets and are wondering which to purchase, splurge on the Luna 2. It has more power, larger cleaning surface with a back side which is for anti-aging, no added cost for brush replacements, and the charge is amazing where again you can charge in the shower.

I’ll keep you all posted on my journey of the Foreo Luna 2 – Combination skin but for now I am a very happy camper.

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