Tale of the Scissors

I do not get my hair cut often. Twice, maybe three times top in a year which is surprising to most since my hair grows at an insane rate. Like I could get a trim or chop a couple inches off and you would not notice.

And even though it grows so fast, my reasoning for not getting a haircut is just pure fear that someone will chop all my hair off or it will be utterly horrible.

After months of research, though, and getting annoyed with my mop like hair that was getting caught everywhere and anywhere I made an appointment at House of Hair Couture in Redwood City.

OH MY GOSH! I finally know what all the ladies talk about when they say getting the right haircut changes your life and makes you feel all sorts of feelings. If a haircut can make your face slimmer then behold I have found exactly the woman and haircut to do so! I am so in love with my hair cut and never have been in my whole life. People! That is A LOT of haircuts that should have wowed my socks off and impressed me!!


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