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Glowing, dewy skin is super important to me and the look I always am aiming for. Over the years I have found two products that surely help ensure my skin is glowing and dewy.

The saying is completely true, you are what you eat and beauty does come and start from the inside out. I may drink crazy amounts of water and eat only fruits and veggies everyday but for some reason, for me, that wasn’t enough to get my skin hydrated, dewy, and glowing. My skin was still dehydrated, rough, and dull. One of my friends started taking fish oil pills and suggested me to take them for over all heath benefits. The thought completely disgusted me, more so because I hate taking pills, but I stumbled upon Fish Oil Gummies (I purchase and eat the gelatin free kind) and decided to take those. After a couple weeks of taking them daily, I started to notice my skin looked more hydrated and was actually glowing! I’m never without these now.



I had always been using different oils and serums in hopes to get hydration back to my face while also trying to achieve a glow. While oils and serums kept my skin soft, supple, and hydrated, I felt as if all the oils and serums were the same or weren’t specifically doing what I needed them to.

That is until I stumbled upon Mabel + Meg Lumilixir Serum. This truly is the ultimate hydrator for your skin. It has Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to target dull and dehydrated skin. I definitely see more plump, radiant skin with a healthy glow. My acne scars are not only smoother but less visible as well.


Vitamin C can help reduce inflammation and irritation that can lead to increased hyper-pigmentation, as well as helping to fade post breakout blemishes by improving the skin’s natural healing response Vitamin C also plays an important role in healthy collagen production, which in turn is necessary to reduce the size and appearance of scarring overall.

And as we all know, hydration is the cornerstone of youthful, plump and healthy skin. hyaluronic acid works at a cellular level to maintain the perfect moisture balance, doing all the hard work for you! Hyaluronic acid has strong water retaining properties, allowing it to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. As much as one third of the skin’s hyaluronic acid content is degraded daily as a result of exposure to UV rays, intense exercise and an excessive lifestyle.


Lumilixir serum is specially formulated to absorb quickly through the skin surface enriching the epidermis and dermis tissue leaving your skin looking and feeling hydrated and revitalised. I am definitely seeing and reaping in these benefits!

I apply the serum every morning after cleaning and toning my face. You can also apply it as a primer before your foundation or mix it in with your foundation.


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    January 1, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Super informative, thank you for sharing! Better skin is definitely a goal for 2018.

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