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Skinny Humpty Dumpty’s Great Big Fall

I know, I  have been missing in action for quite some time but wait until you guys find out what happened.

Hubby and I along with one of his friends and his wife went to Muir Woods late one morning for a hike. We had the whole day planned out, hiking at Muir Woods, stop at the beach, and  have dinner somewhere. Welllll life happened along the way.

We were about half way into our hike when all of a sudden I hear thump thump boom boom. Right away I knew that was NOT a mountain lion.

I quickly turned around and saw that my skinny Humpty Dumpty also known as my hubby had taken a great big fall!

For those of you who have been to Muir Woods you know that the trail is incredibly uneven and things poke out from everywhere. There is also a lot of up and down patches. What I am guessing happened is he was on a down patch and was coming down so fast and hit something poking out and just fell.

It swelled up in no time and he’s been in so much pain. I took him to urgent care the day after because I was so worried he might have fractured or broken something but thankfully he didn’t. Just a horrible sprain.  I am happy to say as of today, Thursday, we are making progress! Swelling is going down. Crutches that urgent care gave him have been a huge help. I mean he may be skinny Humpty Dumpty but I can only lift 100 pounds!

Please take caution when going to Muir Woods Folks!
And funny side note, when I was helping my husband up and we finally reached the bottom, this old man asked me if I pushed him! While I was horrified it was a nice laugh though, exactly what we needed. We told the man it’s too soon 😉


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