Eyelashes 101

I recently had someone ask me if it is okay to wear fake eyelashes everyday. I thought many of you might have the same question or be wondering about fake eyelashes so I decided to share my answer here as well.

You can definitely wear fake eyelashes everyday! Just be sure that you take care of your fake eyelashes and your real lashes. Things such as rubbing coconut oil on your lashes will keep them healthy and strong.

I would recommend getting fake eyelashes that look normal and match your current lashes for everyday. Pink Orchid studio “Lolita” are my everyday favorites. Pricey but worth the money. I can wear one pair of lashes for 20 times or more. I also like Dasio lashes, they make great special occasion or going out lashes. They have some pairs they are for everyday wear as well, cheap and comfortable too. Vegas Nay is another favorite as well as Mandy Lashes (Use Code SAVE10 for a discount!).

Between wears, I recommend to clean fake lashes in a tiny bowl of lukewarm water and a dollop of baby oil. Soak lashes in this mixture and with a tiny brush or a clean mascara brush brush the lashes . This ensures any glue and/or makeup residue gets removed.

Be sure to remove the lashes properly. Never use tweezers or other tools, your nails, or an eyelash curler. Use the pads of your fingers; there is less chance that you will poke yourself in the eye, and they won’t crimp or damage the hairs. Peel the band inwards to remove.

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