Comfortable Jeans. They Exist.

If you have ever seen an Old Navy Commercial you will typically see people running around or freaking out because Old Navy is having an amazing sale on their jeans or pants. Honestly I never understood. I’d be like, it is a sale, why is this one any different than the sale at Macy’s or somewhere? Seriously, I felt the panic and craziness and need to run with these sometimes not even real people on the T.V. (good job Old Navy).

Well ladies and gentlemen, I found out this weekend why the people in those commercials are freaking out and running.

THEIR JEANS. Oh my lanta.

People. If you hate pants (as I do…literally I have one pair) and think they are horribly uncomfortable and itchy then get yourself to Old Navy MEOW!  I tried on five pairs of jeans, yes you read that right, FIVE PAIRS and I (shocker) LOVED THEM ALL! I texted my husband and told him and he proceeded to ask my if I was okay or if I had a fever (insert laughing like a hyena photo here).


I didn’t want to take the jeans off and I am wearing a pair right now and don’t even feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing jeans either!

I bought regular button jeans and their jean leggings. Both amazingly comfortable and a bomb fit. They have tons of colors and styles which I loved. Every jean I have ever wanted or dreamed of, they had. I can’t stop thinking of outfits and am so excited to wear them all.

So much stretch, so much comfort and wait wait. Did I tell you how good my booty looks in them!? HOLLA!


If you are still reading this, I thank you but get YOUR booty to Old Navy stat and load up on their jeans. They are on sale right now so even more reason to go and load up. RUN.

By the way –> I went to Old Navy to get something else (which I purchased as well, promise)…not sure I how landed in the denim department but hey no complaints! My closet is as happy as could be.

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