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Why, if not to look cool or attractive, do women wear makeup?

To me, there is really only three reasons why women wear makeup.

1) For ourselves (yes, sometimes we want to impress someone but most of the time it is just for ourselves). When we have makeup on we feel put together and just good. It gives us an extra confident boost that you need from time to time.

2) Makeup is pretty! To me personally when I am doing makeup on myself or someone else, I feel like there are no limits. I can try out different techniques without out the fear of it “going to waste” because if you mess up, all you do is start over again. And to some, this application of makeup and getting dolled up is just fun!

3) It corrects things that we cannot always on our own. Or even conceals things such as blemishes, under eye circles, spots, dark spots, etc. Makeup is helpful when it comes down to the emergency situations: zits, blotchiness, and blackheads. These are all times when women need a little dab of foundation here and there.

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