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Had the itch to paint this weekend so grabbed some girlfriends and stopped in at Fired Up in downtown Burlingame.

Cutest little shop, loads of options of ceramic things to choose from as well as lots of bright, beautiful colors! Really helpful staff that helps you with the entire process such as how many coats to apply and what order to apply it in. There are plenty of great ideas and samples around the shop to give you ideas of what to paint if you don’t have a muse yet! Really great for families with kids (and even adults) that need an idea of what to do.

img_2686 img_2687

I love how they had Christmas and holiday pieces to choose from and work on as well. If we had more room at our apartment I would definitely have loved to paint a tray or bowl (or two!).

Pottery painting is a great activity to do with a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while – I find that it’s very relaxing to sit there and paint something while the two of you catch up. I’m all about the multi-tasking – if I can create something cool while talking with a friend, I’m all for it! That being said, All Fired Up is an adequate pottery painting studio.


Our finished, unglazed pieces. Can’t wait to pick it up and see the final product!

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