Glowing & Radiant Skin

Skincare can be tricky and frustrating all at the same time. You may feel as if you are constantly throwing your money away or not seeing results no matter how many products you buy. I definitely have been there so you are not alone.

The rise of technology does not help either because there are even more options available today than ever before, all claiming to do something different and great.

How can we know which brands or products to trust and which will actually deliver? That is my question all the time. To be honest I avoid the skincare aisles at Sephora and the drugstore at all cost because I am always standing there clueless, confused, and lost. I never know which products to trust or invest my money in.

Luckily as I am getting older and having used so many products and tried so many brands, I know which brands, products, and ingredients work best for me and which to avoid but there will still always be products and brands that surprise me. Shiseido happens to be one of those.

My mom has been a long time Shiseido user and her skin is phenomenal for her age. I have always been envious of how smooth and soft her skin is! She had me try Shiseido growing up and the products did nothing for me so I never cared for the brand (well except for their luxurious cotton). It never seemed to occur to me with so many different products, maybe I was just using the wrong ones.

A couple months ago I received a sample of the Shiseido Glow serum and fell in LOVE. I couldn’t believe the instant results that I was having, my skin felt so baby smooth and there was an immediate, radiant glow that lasted all day and even when I had no makeup on. I started getting so many compliments, even when I was bare faced and swore that I did not look my best!

I immediately purchased a full size bottle after the sample ran out and it has been money well spent. I always say if you are going to spend money on products, it better be your skincare. Any makeup can look great on your skin as long as your skin is healthy, smooth, and well hydrated.

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    December 3, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    just picked up this serum! it’s honestly amazing.

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