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Date Night – Yes, Every Week There Should Be Date Night

My motto for married life is to never stop dating. You worked hard for each other and your relationship, why stop now?! I am going to give you four reasons why date night is important and I expect everyone in a relationship to either keep dating or if you have not had a date night since forever, to put one on the calendar this week!

1. It’s an Opportunity for Romance

There’s a big difference between going out for the evening and going out on a date. Date night is a night out with your honey. It’s quick trip back to courtship, as opposed to an ordinary night out of the house.

Date night is a state of mind more than an activity. It’s about the meaning you make of your time together, whatever you do. Whether simple or elaborate, eating a sandwich in the park, taking a walk on the beach, going out to the symphony, seeing a movie or just having coffee. Date night says, oh, right, we’re a “couple”when too often it can seem that you’re simply business partners or roommates or two people running day care.

Date night is a chance to look across the table and see the person you married, the one you fell in love with, not the person who left the bed unmade or forgot to take out the trash.

Unless you’re going on a hike together or taking a yoga class, I suggest you dress up. This is a date, after all, a special occasion. Remember when you were first dating? Your favorite old t-shirt with the torn sleeve was not your first choice of attire.

2. It’s a Break From “Doing”

Simply put, date night is about connecting with each other, not about getting things done.

Date night offers a needed break from the demands of everyday life. It’s a time to set aside your to-do list and focus on each other. To listen. To express affection. To feel close.

While it’s important to have business meetings and difficult conversations, date night is not the time for that. Yes, some people say that time away from family or kids is hard to come by and you need to grab any opportunity you have. I say, set the hard work of marriage aside and take time to invest in the good.

To get the most out of date night: turn off your phones! Most of us appreciate having our loved one’s undivided attention.

3. It’s About Fun

Date night is an opportunity to have some fun together.

Unless you find baskets of unfolded laundry to be an aphrodisiac or your idea of a sweet time together is catching up on your bills, plan something fun.

While you’re at it, try something new. New experiences activate the brain’s reward system, flooding it with dopamine and norepinephrine, what I think of as “feel good” brain chemistry. These same brain circuits are the ones that “light up” in the early stages of romantic love.

Research and studies believe that novelty plays a role in keeping the romantic spark alive. In an experiment with long-married couples, those who were instructed to do something unfamiliar and exciting rather than their usual date night fare showed a significant increase in marital satisfaction and feelings of love.

Try a new restaurant, go to the opera, or just turn on some music and dance.

4. It’s a Show of Commitment

Date night shows a willingness to make the other person and your relationship a priority by setting aside special time.

When couples make the effort to spend time together and to continue developing their relationship, no matter what’s going on in their every day life, they are more likely to grow closer, rather than apart. Research has shown that those who have “couple time” at least weekly are 3.5 times more likely to report being “very happy” in their marriages, compared with those spending less alone time with their mates.

Remember: It’s not what you do, it’s the spirit you bring to it. Sometimes our date night is us eating dosa (Indian crepes) at a tiny cafe and sometimes we are just grabbing coffee in the middle of our work day. What should matter on your date night is that you are two are alone, connected, and focused on each other.

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