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I may not have been on every sports team growing up but I was still very active. I took dance from a very young age and continue to practice and was on the softball team for a brief period (random, I know). I was even on a swim team for a swim league at the YMCA (thank you, mum for signing me up…). I continue to stay active as much as possible and lead a healthy life style both by eating well and exercising daily. As we get older, though, life becomes busier so it is crucial to take the time out to exercise and do things for our health and wellness.

I take my husband with me not only for company but for his health and wellness. He drives me crazy in the weight section of the gym but in the end I am always thankful for him pushing me and making me a stronger, better version of myself. Especially on the days when I do not feel like hitting the gym or doing any type of physical activity, or simply have no motivation.


I always say too if not to lose weight or become the hulk, do it for the heart. 3o minutes of activity that gets your heart rate up and pumping is all it takes. Who doesn’t want to live longer?

My favorite ways to workout are running, dancing or zumba, and hot yoga. Running can get boring and redundant so switching it up is a must. Sometimes I get so into the zone running I don’t realize how long or how far I have ran.

I especially love the energy I get from dancing or zumba and how hot yoga can relax and destress me so well. It’s different for everyone though, some can’t stand hot yoga and some think they have two left feet. You have to find what works for you and stick with that but also change it up every once in awhile other you will get bored and not stick with it.

Some Great Benefits of exercising:

1. Be healthier.

2. Increase your chances of living longer.

3. Feel better about yourself.

4. Reduce the chance of becoming depressed.

5. Sleep better at night.

6. Look & feel good.

7. Be in shape.

8. Get around better.

9. Have stronger muscles and bones.

10. Achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

11. Possibly meet new people (at the gym or if you take a class).

12. Have fun and devote some time to yourself. You are your biggest investment.

Some Of My favorite Workout Gear

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