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Rollin Rollin Rotis

Rotis can be tough to make. I’ll be honest, when I am not paying attention or in the mood to cook, my rotis roll out to be every state in America.

Sharing with you all how to get the perfect round roti that will fluff up.

You will need your desired amount of flour, water, and a large bowl or parat. I highly suggest you use your bare hand to mix and knead the dough but some like to use the kitchen aid mixer or a food processor. Do whatever suits your fancy and will get you in and out of the kitchen fast.

Place the flour in the large bowl or parat and SLOWLY add  water until the mixture pulls away from the sides. Turn the dough out onto a well floured surface. Knead until smooth and soft, about 10 minutes.

  • If you will not be using the dough for another ten minutes or so, place a slightly moist towel on top and set aside.
  • If you will be not using that day or for a LONG time, place it in the fridge in a container with a lid.

Preheat an unoiled skillet or tava to medium high heat. Divide dough into equal parts, form into rounds and keep covered with a damp cloth. Flatten the balls with the palm of your hand, then use a rolling pin to roll out each piece into a 6 to 8 inch diameter round.


  • The thinner the round, rolled out dough is, the easier the rotis will cook. They are also more likely to be soft and fluff.
  • The hotter the tava the better – super hot tava equals delicious, perfectly cooked roti.

Cook the roti for 1 minute before turning over, then turn again after another minute. If you have a gas stove place the roti directly on the gas stove and let fluff up and cook until there are more spots. If you do not have a gas stove, then I recommend you get a jali (net) to put over the stove on which you can then cook like a gas stove.

The roti should have some darker brown spots on both sides when finished. Best served warm.

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