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How do I remove all the blackheads on my face?

Steam your face. Whereever. Whenever. Not kidding, sometimes that is the sole reason I enjoy cooking because of all the heat in my face.

And if not for blackheads then do a facial mask at home for relaxation. Hydration and rest are two simple yet hard things our skin overall really needs. Oh and a clean diet. I am not saying to start eating only veggies and fruits but be mindful of what you put in your mouth. Avoid excessive sugar and fatty foods.

You can also try and mix lemon juice with a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of salt, and a bit of honey. Use this to scrub your blackhead-prone areas for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Green tea products, especially scrubs are super effective at removing black heads as well.

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