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How do I eliminate food odour at home?

Food odour is a common problem and affects many homes. The smell is not always the easiest to mask or get rid of. Let’s take a look at some products and things you can do to help. 

Candles. Candles. CANDLES!

Light them and place them all around the house and if you are married, tell your hubby not to blow them out (hubby is guilty of this and knows this as another nudge not to blow out the candles!).

Make sure you get candles that actually release smell. I recommend these and these. Pretty but powerful.

I also recommend these which you can find at Walmart and Target. Possibly even the dollar store!

The obvious but not so obvious major two things you can do; crack open a window and turn on the exhaust fan. I have a habit of not turning on the exhaust fan soley because once it is on, I cannot hear anything or anyone in the house….which sometimes is not a bad thing (HA).

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