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What I learned in 2016

2016 was the quite the year for me. It went by in a flash but I was able to cherish each and every moment.

2016 was the year I got married to the love of my life and my best friend. 2016 was the year I lived my best life and really got to explore my creative side, live my dreams, and fully spread my wings.

Here are the top things I have learned in 2016. I can’t wait to keep learning and growing in 2017. I thank each and everyone of you reading this and my blog and those following me on my social media account for an amazing 2016. You were definitely part of making 2016 so memorable and amazing!


I learned to love. 

I know it’s cheesy and quite possibly crazy but my husband is my first, true love. 2016 was the year I truly learned to love unconditionally and passionately. I fully understand wedding vows now and the meaning of each and every vow. Whether it be family, friends, or your significant other, love and do things unconditionally. Do not wait until someone does something for you. That is called business. Love and do things because you want to and well because you love and care. If you heart is not in something then don’t do it. If you heart doesn’t feel right then don’t do something or say something. My favorite saying (which is also very true) “love yourself before you love anyone else..”


Learning to love has made me a better, more full person. I feel full and content because of the love I have received and given and I hope to keep loving and giving love in 2017. I really do feel love can make the world a happy place.


I learned to ask for and accept help.

I never like to ask for help. I like to think and believe that I can do it all. Yes, ALL. Well you can’t. Sorry to break it to anyone else suffering and deal with this. This was a HUGE lesson I learned in 2016. While yes, I have been alone and managing things all my life, the reality of life and relationships is that there is someone or something to help you and your life. Accept it. Don’t fight it.

I used to feel extremely bad asking my husband for anything (even something as tiny as picking something up) but now I openly and freely ask him for help for any small thing. It hit home really hard when one day in the kitchen he was chopping some vegetables and inside it bothered me so badly that he was chopping them.


Slightly irritated I told him not to and proceeded to ask him why must he insist on chopping them. His response was, “This is America, if I don’t help, you will not survive. Also, we are married. 50-50 partners in this relationship and in life. We share everything from finances to food to responsibilities to blame.” I was literally taken aback. Mostly because of the first statement but because he was right. Not just in this chopping vegetables scenario but if I don’t take his or anyone else’s help, I will always be exhausted, stressed, constantly running, and just irritated. 2016 I learned big time to let him and technology help me and use those two to the best possible way I could.


I learned to relax and calm down. 

This relates to learning to ask for and accepting help. I am still working and struggling with this one but I am learning each day how I can relax. The best way I do this is by asking myself why I am stressed out about X and/or why does X bother me so much that I am so riled up, stressed, or simply cannot relax. I either then tackle X to help me relax or eliminate (X) if possible. We also have to accept that sometimes things, people, or situations sometimes just cannot be fixed. Learn to accept that and move on. Time wasted on stressing, worrying, get crazy worked up, is truly just such a shameful waste. We are alive, breathing, have food to eat and a roof over our head. That is it and enough reason to stop crying and freaking out.

I learned how to work my job and live life even more efficiently and effectively as well as handle situations better.

After moving to California after our wedding I worked from home for about 6 months. That eventually drove me crazy and became a little boring so I started reading again. Those that know me, know that I LOVE to read and consider the library and bookstores my happy place (I am literally a kid in a candy store). However, with such a crazy work and social schedule back in Chicago, I didn’t always have time to pick up the newest, juicy novel or indulge in a good self help or biography book. With a new environment and new people, my social calendar was quiet and there wasn’t much office work so I started reading again to help fill and pass the time.


I picked up every book imaginable from the library to gossip novels, biographies, self help, motivation, fitness, diet, getting your dream job, how to and so much more. At that time I didn’t think anything of it, it was just me reading and finding a way to pass the time.


It was not until I went back to an actual office and office environment in August that I realized all that reading paid off. I was working better and understanding my work, people, and environment much better. I am way more excited about work and find I handle and understand situations and people so much better.

While not a HUGE list, the things I learned in 2016 were pretty deep. Most are things I kind of already knew but 2016 really drove them home for me. Blame growing older or getting married, I do not know but I am super thankful to have learned now better than later and to start working on being an even better version of myself.




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    January 3, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    This was a great post! I have been following you for a while now and feel I can really take away from this post. Congrats on a fabulous 2017. Can’t wait to see what you create.

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