L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Makeup Sponges

Been hanging around the mall and drugstores a ton lately. No clue why but I am going to blame it all on much needed window retail therapy although most of the time it turns into actual retail therapy. You know, you are just there to detox and chill and window shop but sometimes you end up picking up the entire mall and its contents or the drugstore.

Well one of those drugstore halls led me to find and pick up L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Makeup Sponges. This is the companies first line of makeup blender sponges.

I could only find two (also didn’t want the other one so it worked out). Guys, they are so colorful and the packaging is spot on, how could I not pick these up!?

There are in total three L’Oréal makeup sponges that they came out with and each is a different color and completes a specific task. The sponge applicators are latex-free and all $7.99 a pop, making them a super affordable alternative to pricier sponges on the market.


I have fallen in love with sponges for applying makeup and cannot be without them when applying my makeup. I find that they blend everything perfectly and don’t leave you patchy or streaky as brushes or fingers sometimes do. I also love sponges rather than the white triangles because you can wash a sponge and reuse it. You can’t do that with the white triangles! Less waste equals happy planet equals happy wallet and bank account.

Let’s check out each sponge and which area of the face and what makeup it’s recommended for.

This hot pink sponge is the only one I didn’t find (I even went to other drugstores and did not find this one). This sponge is designed for applying foundation all over your face.
You can buff out undereye concealer or smooth product around the chin with this sponge. I have to say, it does look super squishy. It’s ergonomic, since you can grip the sides comfortably. I skipped on getting this one just because I have five beauty blender sponges at home already so I was more interested in the other sponges that blend different areas and specific makeup.
This sliced and slanted, baby blue blender will help to buff and blend concealer or cream applied around the sides of the nose, the brow bones, and even in the inner corners of eyes. Totally loving this sponge! I was so surprised at how it blended my under eye concealer. So much so, I couldn’t wait to do it again! Highly recommend this for buffing out under eye concealer  and any products that needs to be applied around the nose area. It is small but not so small that you would almost drop it or fumble with it.
The tip is essential for hard-to-reach facial real estate. I have a pierced nose with a stud in it so beauty sponges make it much easier to flawlessly apply makeup. Enter this guy into my tools and it really changes the game and helps achieve that flawless face all over. It really gets in and applies the makeup in all the usual hard to cover spots that I usually have to take out a bunch of brushes for.
I will definitely be picking up more of these if I can get my hands on some. It applied my under eye concealer flawlessly and it was much easier to get in there and dab dab and just blend it into my skin.
If sculpting and defining your features is part of your daily routine, this teardrop-shaped, bright yellow blender will be your new BFF. It’s crafted for contourers and to blend product on cheekbones, at the jawline, and bridge of the nose. I have been on the hunt for a perfect contour brush but this is doing just a fine job of filling that void. I may never get that contour brush now!
While each sponge has a specific task and function for which it was designed, you can really use them for any product application task you wish.
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