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Phuket, Thailand | Travel Guide

A trip to Thailand would be incomplete without stopping at Phuket. Let me prepare you by telling you that these pictures do not do justice to the beauty that Phuket and it’s surrounding islands are.

The Wyndham Grand Kalim Bay were incredibly gracious to host us. Read that review here.

This was our third and final stop in Thailand so we wanted to take it easy and relax. We spent a ton of time island hopping, beach bumming, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Our hotel had a great shuttle service that dropped it’s guest to Jungceylon or Patong Beach. Jungceylon is a huge shopping area with restaurants some of which are incredibly yummy. Hubby and I dined there a couple times. The shopping in this mall area is decent. If you step out of this area and walk along the streets (in either direction) you will find tons of street side stalls selling everything imaginable and you, could of course, haggle making the prices more reasonable.

We ate so much good food as well. The food in the Phuket is spicier compared to other regions of Thailand and we LOVED it. Every place, from a hole in the wall restaurant to our hotel restaurant, had such mouth watering food.


We booked a boat tour to Phi Phi Island, Monkey Island, Maya Bay and Kai Island on one of the days we were in Phuket.

That day, the tides were very high and dangerous surrounding Monkey Island so the boat couldn’t be docked. We stayed on the boat and threw peanuts to the monkeys. Most of them stayed on the branches but some came down to say hello and play with us.

Our boat stopped in waters near Phi Phi island and let us get out to swim and snorkel. Such a great experience. There were beautiful fish and gorgeous corals that we indulged in seeing.

Upon reaching Phi Phi islands, I found a monkey in a diaper!! He grabbed onto my hair for dear life but since he was so darn adorable, I’ll forgive him.

Lunch was also provided at a restaurant on Phi Phi island. There were not too many vegetarian options but fruits and veggies were enough to make me happy.

Our next stop was Maya Bay where the blockbuster famous movie “The Beach” was shot making this beach incredibly popular and crowded. Despite being so crowded Maya Bay is so serene and pretty that you feel hypnotized by its beauty.

I wish we could have spent the rest of our day here but since we were on a tour we had limited time. Exhausted yet? Nope. You can’t be. One more island to see! Kai Island. No blockbuster movie shot here but still worth visiting.

Kai Island is very rocky so I advise you to be careful. Scratched my bum! I swim darn well and was on the swim team back in the day but I strapped on a life jacket and was doggy paddling in the water because I couldn’t stand up.

This tour provides pick up and drop off from your hotel but we kindly asked to be dropped in the middle of Patong beach so that we could eat dinner and explore more. Hubby and I ended up finding another amazing, hole in the wall Thai Restaurant. We got caught in a tropical storm but loved every minute of it. It was incredibly hot in Phuket so the rain brought in a wonderful, cool freshness that continued the next day.

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