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What is the best way to thicken the consistency of soups and chilis?

You’ve made the perfect soup or chili but it’s thin and runny and not the consistency you were looking for. Now What?

There are a couple ways you can thicken up your soup or chili such as:

  • Tortilla Chips
  • Dark Unsweetened Chocolate (I promise this adds great flavor!)
  • Tomato Paste and/or Tomatoes in General
    • If you are using tomato paste, use sparingly because it has a strong taste so too much will over power your dish and you will taste nothing but tomato paste
  • Cornflour but just a little as this too can also taste funny if used too much.

As always use as needed and don’t forget to taste as you go to ensure all your flavors are in the right proportion and taste well together!


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