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Back to School Food Prep

Half of August is basically here. HERE. As in summer is over. Or about to be over. I don’t deem it over until the first day of fall but let’s be honest, once you or your kids go back to school or even just seeing all the back to school sales and items makes you immediately feel like summer is over. This also means crazy busy life begins along with hectic schedules. Never to fret. Bringing you back to school food prep ideas, tips, and tricks plus recipes all to keep you on your A game this back to school season. Stay healthy, fit, and sane! 

My number one tip to kick things off is to plan. Plan ahead, plan before, PLAN. Spend some time on Sunday (or Saturday) planning what you will cook, eat, and pack for lunches (that being for yourself, kids and/or significant other).  Look at what you have going on for the coming week and check your pantry to see what you have on hand and what you might need to get (if you want to cook or eat something specific). Also, I recommend the day you do your grocery shopping, that is when you should prep and sort things (sort cookies, crackers, and other dry snacks in bags and containers, cuts veggies, shred paneer, grind oats for things such as oats dosa, etc). 


Specific things you can do to help you for the upcoming week: 

  • Cut your veggies. Sort the ones for snacks into bags and containers.
  • Cut the stems off your coriander and wrap in a paper towel (do not wash it as it will go bad quicker). After cutting my coriander and taking out the ugly, bad looking ones, I then like to keep mine on a plate or a bag that is punctured with a couple holes. 
  • Whether you buy or make your paneer at home, shred some and keep it in the fridge so you can make paranthas stuffed with paneer quickly or make filling for sandwiches. 
  • Grind some oats for Oat Dosa.
  • Boil some potatoes. You can make baked potatoes, paranthas stuffed with aloo (you can also do a combo of potato & paneer), quick potato subji, potato chaat, potato tikkis, mashed potatoes, etc. 
  • If you eat Indian bread make a good enough batch to last you until Wednesday or so. Make more as needed. 
  • If you will need any marinades, sauces, or dressings make those ahead of time. 
  • Cook rice, pasta, and quinoa and store in the fridge. Most rice and pasta will last you 3-5 days. 


To help you further here are some printable lists for you to use. Plan, plan, plan and write it down. 


Grocery List

Meal Prep Planner

Grocery Store List Chart

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    August 15, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Great tips!!!im gonna share this for my friends and family!

  • Reply
    August 16, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Great article hun!

  • Reply
    August 16, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Totally love this! You inspired me to do meal prep this weekend for the first time (hopefully I stay with it). I was having this habit of going out in grad school when things were crazy but now that life has settled down a bit, I think it’s time to start week with more preparation. I admire your dedication to meal prepping!

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