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Bangkok, Thailand | Travel Guide

Everyone has a list of countries they want to visit in their lifetime and as I am trying to complete 30 countries by 30 I have become one of those people who has a list to check off.

Surprisingly, Bangkok was never one of them but when we included it in our itinerary for our Thailand trip I didn’t know how much FUN we would have and all the amazing experiences.

Sharing my travel guide + pictures so you all can have as much fun and memories as we did.

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Europe Travel

Paris, France Travel Guide

It’s been a couple months since I have gone to Paris but I still wanted to share all my trip details with you in case anyone is jetting off anytime soon. I do highly recommend visiting Paris once. France, in general, is quite big so there is a lot to see if Paris does not suit your fancy.

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Savory Breakfast/Brunch in SF

Breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day so it’s no surprise that I like Brunch more and will order the more lunch-y items on the menu. My hubby as you know is not a fan of brunching so I’ve made it my mission to try out some of SF’s hot breakfast and brunch spots with my girlfriends. Some of these places my hubby and I have tried while traveling or when hubby randomly decides he likes brunch though so hey! Sometimes they do come around. Happy eating and brunching! Yes, brunching is a verb.

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Beauty Married Life Travel

Guide to Valentine’s Day in San Francisco

Whether you are in a relationship or not, Valentine’s day does not have to be miserable. Check out all these great events going on and either grab your honey or a bunch of friends and go out this Valentine’s day! I guarantee you will have fun and if not, well there is always chocolate and we all know chocolate makes everything better! I mean a salt lover is saying this to you!

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